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Gentle K-9 Care

Gentle K-9 Care

Welcome to The Gentle K-9 Care Website

Janine will teach you to teach your dog through gentle, positive reinforcement.
Before you can teach your dog anything, you have to be sure he is listening. Do you know how to communicate with him in language that he understands? If he isnít listening, itís because he doesnít understand you!

Dogs donít speak English. Most people donít know how to speak dog language. That can be accomplished by reading the body language dogs send to us.

I will show you how to gain your dogís trust and obedience by teaching you how your dog interprets the world and how he communicates within it. Once you understand each other, a whole new world will open for both of you.

With Positive Reinforcement you and your dog will learn basic commands, how to greet guests at the door and loose leash walking. You will be able to stop door dashing, stop guarding food and toys, decrease anxiety when a person leaves, excessive barking, stop chasing or lunging at cars, bikes, and people, decrease grooming anxiety, etc.

Dog training is not about teaching your dog tricks. Dog trainers teach your pet good behaviors and eliminate the not so good behaviors to make life with your dog more enjoyable. In addition, dog training can save your dogís life. A good recall ensures that your dog comes to you immediately, every time you call. A reliable sit/stay can make the difference between life and death if your pet is in the street or other dangerous situation. A reliable ďleave itĒ cue ensures that he doesnít ingest a dangerous object or toxic substance.

I also teach dog agility training - which is extremely important for the animal's Overall well being and health throughout the life of the animal.

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