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My Cleaning Company


Sandy Crutchfield: 919-412-4490

Debra Scarboro 919-518-7504

Cheryl Mills 919-553-6068

Dawn Kitner 919-602-0619

Pia Royalle 919-602-7353

Malissa St Claire 919-631-0331

Michelle Pender 910-352-8992

Tanya & John Hart 919-414-8288

Joanna Moore 919-866-2768

John Ramsey 919-215-1157

Kirk and Jennifer Russell: 919-359-0636

Amy Wise: 919-422-4521

Susan and Greg Nelson: 412-400-2582

Lucille Licciardello: 732-332-9059

Tammi and Evey Stanziale: 732-335-1406

Scott and Gina Brownfeld: 732-936-9116

Joni Rogers (Bliss Hair Salon) 732-571-4883

Joene Alt & Joe LaMura: 732-972-3261

Leo & Lisa Vincent: 732-208-5235

Cathy & Rich Reither: 732-272-7529

Hollis Leber: 732-462-2593

Mrs. Sherrar: 732-367-7554

Elena Lavino: 732-609-7439

Evey Stanziale: 732-221-4776

Kristy & Matt Letizia: 732-380-7691

Val Jackson: 732-389-3893

Lynn Cooper: 732-542-6217

Elaine Friedman: 732-389-1188

My Reviews

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Glad She Moved to Clayton!
Janine has now been cleaning our house for the past couple of weeks. She has done an OUTSTANDING job. My wife is very particular about the way our house is cleaned and Janine has exceeded her expectations. I checked her references back in New Jersey and, needless to say, they were heartbroken that she left. Everyone I spoke with had known Janine for more than 5 years and spoke very highly of her.

I give Janine the highest recommendation. If you are looking for a housekeeper, you should definitely give her a call. Now I'm going to cancel my Care.com membership because I won't need to find anyone else. Sorry Care.com. But thank you Janine!

The R.
by Kirk R. 06/30/2011
You worked for Kirk
Rating ***** 5 Stars

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